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General Secretary

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  • Location:Yangzhou
  • Deadline:2013-06-01
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1, is responsible for managing the work schedule arrangements and reminders;
2, in accordance with the general requirements of draft report summarizing, plans, resolutions and other documents letter;
3, to assist the General Manager's meetings organized by the company and check the resolutions, decisions to implement, timely understanding and feedback;
4, assisting the general manager do the daily reception work, correspondence file processing work;
5, the timely submission of the contractor managing the various departments marking files, documents, etc.;
6, to help leaders deal with corporate public relations and outreach services;
7, is responsible for the collation of documents and files, archiving and management;

8, to assist general manager's office, the work involved in doing Manager's Office training management;
9, to complete the work assigned temporary general manager.


1, Bachelor degree or above, Chinese or administrative management;
2, more than three years secretarial related work experience, with strong management and coordination capacity;
3, excellent writing writing skills and communication skills, familiar with office automation;
4, work carefully, methodical, logical, good professional qualities and professional conduct;
5, excellent communication skills and teamwork, and can withstand the pressure and independent tasks.

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