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High Voltage Engineering Design Engineer

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  • Location:Yangzhou
  • Deadline:2013-06-01
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        1, according to internal and external customers demand information, participate to identify, analyze, understand the product development direction of the structure;
        2, involved in the structural design of new products, new product design checking drawings and documents;
        3, to help optimize product improvement, structural optimization process to ensure that products meet the performance requirements of section;
        4, participation in product technical support to assist the production process structure programs to address;
        5, the participating departments staff training programs, training technical personnel.


        1, high voltage technology professional, undergraduate;
         2, familiar with the insulating medium or material discharge characteristics, familiar with and master a variety of high voltage insulation test equipment content, methods, requirements
              And development status;
         3, familiar with the power system high professional work methods, procedures, to understand the actual needs of the scene;
         4, with excellent English writing and speaking ability, able to skillfully read and write high voltage electrical professional and technical aspects of English literature;
         5, high-pressure professional practical work experience is preferred.

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