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Company's new product

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Through continuous efforts, New Concept Electric Inc successfully developed synchronous switching on/off circuit breaker, and passed audit of national state's 2015 technical extension, and enter project of national state's 2016 important new technical extension.


Synchronous switch on/off circuit breaker is highly approved by national states to promote and national states ask following electricity company to extend application which shows products advancement and reliability.


Synchronous switch is based on the reality of real load characteristic and make contact open and close circuit at its best current or voltage phase angle. This synchronous circuit breaker adopts many NCE's advanced technology, and has characteristics like control strategy by choosing phase, realize switch on/off at specific rated voltage and current phase, minimize close inrush and operation overvoltage, reduce system transient process and develop electricity quality and system stability.


In a highly modern society of information, demand for electricity increases dramatically, and at the same time rise requirement for electricity quality, economy, reliability and intelligence. The synchronous switching circuit breaker complies with safe reliable and highly intelligent development direction of industry, combined with environment protection requirement, and push forward product generation change which increase our intelligent HV switch technical level, and provide better efficient service to customers.

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