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Counter attack of permanent magnetic mechanism

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Permanent magnetic has high reliability and few components with one movable part which has no mechanical abrasion. Within 10K mechanical life, no maintenance is needed whish reduced lots of maintenance fee, and reduce service staff work intensity. It is said that permanent magnetic mechanism is designed to provide solutions based on shortcomings of spring mechanism.


In promotion, there is a intrinsic problem which worries technician, that is when without electricity, spring mechanism can cut off circuit manually while permanent magnetic mechanism must have backup sources. For a long time, this shortcoming is held up by spring mechanism, a long lasting advertising says “no matter how many defects spring mechanism have, at least it can manually switch off”.


Today, the situation will change, permanent magnetic mechanism can fight back, with NCE's new <Portable operating cabinet generator with hand> which can switch on/off at any conditions.


When without electricity onsite, if communication equipment is taken, backup source will out of use within 8-36 hours and permanent magnetic switch off function will also out of use. When one can't find source after backup source has been used off, there will be no solution. "Portable operating cabinet generator with hand" applies to this specific situation, charge electricity with portable generator which is the same as spring mechanism. Satisfying switch on/off at any situation, a new market is open for permanent magnetic mechanism.

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