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NCE Solid Insulated Ring Main Units have been put into Operation in Wuhan successfully

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March 30th, 2015, three sets of AVR-12/630(VGP) intelligent solid insulated ring main units of NCE have been put into operation in Wuhan electric unitlity. This type of ring main unit apply advanced technology like solid insulation, three phases permanent magnetic actuator and NCC-H1000 integrated controller, capable of the unique flash protective function , single phase grounding  function, the technical indexes reaching international advanced level.

The solid insulated ring main unit of NCE has not only resolve the problem of frequentl override trip in the past, improving the reliability of the Wuhan electric distribution network, but also are the typical low-carbon and environment-friendly products in this industry, greatly increase safety, intelligence, flexibility, environmental protection and anti-harsh environmental compared to products before thus that State Grid has listed solid insulation ring main unit into ‘List of Key New Technologies for promotion of first bunch of State Grid’, the intelligent solid insulation ring main units provided by NCE this time are going to prove the technical performance and market prospect and contribute to application in larger area in the future.

Installing NCE intelligent solid insulated ring main unit


Installed in Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan.

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