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NCEHold 2014 Annual Summary Commendation Congress

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On February 13, 2015, NCE hold its 2014 annual summary commendation congressin the factory located in Gujin Road. The President & General Manager  Zhu Xiaoping attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech.

Firstly, works of the year 2014 were summarized. It was pointed out that in 2014, the company was under a complex macroeconomic and policy situation. However, with the joint efforts of all staff, the company not only completed works efficiently, but also applied for nine patents and four software copyrights. Besides, it was awarded the “the outstanding private enterprises in Jiangsu province” and “Top Ten Service Star Enterprise”. The corporate image rose and a stable operating trend was maintained. The operation and management objectives were deployed. He stressed that all aspects of the company management willbe strengthened, and attention should be attached to increasing marketing efforts, reducing operating costs, and developing products with NCE own  characteristics. Employees were expected to be more confident, have high morale, and ready to experience the difficulties of the times, so that they could together, write a new chapter for the company and for themselves.

The departments and individuals who made great contribution to the company over the past year were commended and awarded the “Advanced Department”, “Advanced Team”, “Sales Elite”, “Excellent Staff”, “Outstanding Leader”, “Production Model”, “Best New Employee” etc. The congress called on all staff follow the example of models to forge ahead, strive for the full completion of the company's development objectives.

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