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“NCE Cup” 2nd Staff Skills Competition

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“NCE Cup” 2nd Staff Skills Competition

On September 3 2014, the “NCE Cup” 2nd Staff Skills Competition was held in the Gujin Road factory. There are about 40 staff participated in the competition.

The competition was composed by Single Plate Welding(DX01-3F), Disconnector Assembling(10kv) and 2nd Wiring of the Controller. The participators were quite concern about the competition. They studied the fundamental principals and practiced a lot in the practical operations.

During the competition, the participators concentrated their attention on the competition. The competition is a plat of fair competition for the staff to show themselves and also improve their working levels. With the rapid development of NCE, the requirement for the staff is raising. There will be more and more such competitions in the future.

Pic 1: During part of controller case second-time wire layout

Pic 2: During part of Single metal plate welding

Pic 3: During part of knife-switch assembling


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