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       Quality is the life of the company. We insist on the principle of Quality First since its foundation. We passed ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certifications in April, 2003. Moreover, NCE has been building Quality Management System with process management method according to ISO Std. & regulations and requirements and expectations of the customer. In our Quality Management System, the company abides by the national laws and regulations as well as the ISO 9001:2000 Standard. In all the quality activities and functions, we implement and maintain the quality management system by applying systematic processing and management approach. Through customer satisfaction surveys, products monitoring and measurement, and the internal quality audit, we analyze and judge all kinds of information from the collected data, in order to achieve a continuous improvement of the quality management system.

        The company has laid down clearly the quality policy and objective. We focus on the cultivation of quality awareness of our staff. Moreover, we strictly carry out internal audit and regular external review to ensure the smooth and continuous running of the quality system. Equipped with modern manufacturing and testing facilities and according to the production standards of the company, industry and the nation, we strictly control all the producing processes. Inspection and testing of the products in purchase links and manufacturing process as well as in final round are strictly carried out to ensure the quality of products manufactured. We persist on constantly improving our after-sale service in order to meet the customers' demands to the fullest.


Quality Policy

      World-class, Best Quality, Satisfaction

      World-class products and services

       Best quality and benefits

       Satisfaction of customers and ourselves

Quality Objectives

       Pass Rate of Ex-factory Products: 100%

      Product Operating Rate 100%

    Customers Satisfaction 100% 

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